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fake pop3 daemon. delivers same messages to all users
fakepop is a fake pop3 daemon. It returns always the same messages
to all users, it does not care about usernames and passwords. All
user/pass combinations are accepted.
The main purpose of fakepop is to advice users that your server
only accepts pop3-ssl and they have wrongly configured pop3 without
ssl. You can customize messages in /etc/fakepop/ directory to teach
your users how they should configure their mail clients to use
pop3-ssl instead of pop3.
WARNING: some pop3-ssl daemons require a pop3 non-ssl package to be
installed. That is why fakepop does not conflicts with pop3-server.
courier-pop-ssl is one of this packages (it requires courier-pop).
Before installing fakepop, be sure to disable other pop3 daemons.
For courier, set POP3DSTART=NO in /etc/courier/pop3d
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